Enlightened – Multiple Worlds


Short Story – Flash fiction

I sit anxiously waiting for the Psychic Development meeting to start. My world has turned upside down in the past few months after my suicide attempt. The door to the spirt world opened when I crossed over and stayed open. I mean wide open. I was just starting to get used to working with the spirits when one became violent, and I’m not sure how to handle that. I need help deciphering symbols they are leaving behind as well. I have to reach out to other Psychics, hear their stories. I need to know I am not going mad, that I am not alone.

The meeting starts, it is my turn to share. “My name is Katie. I died for several minutes before the paramedics were able to start my heart again. I watched my rescue and hung out with my body at the hospital. I stayed out of my body for almost a week during my coma.”

A few heads nodded as if that were the most natural thing to happen.

“I also observed me living a life completely different from my current life. My Mom and brother were alive, I was married, and had a daughter. I’m continuing to have these dreams/observations.”

“Welcome Katie. I’m Joe. The spirits can reach you because you crossed into their realm when you died,” he offered.

“I figured as much.”

“What about observing a different life? It’s more than a dream. I can feel what she feels when I watch her. It’s like her memories and experiences are a part of me now. Do you think I’m connected with a parallel universe or is this what ‘the other side’ is like?”

“It sounds like you collided with a parallel universe. I think your emotions were so intense when you decided to take your life that when you were pulled back through the tunnel, you collided with the world that held the life you so strongly desired,” A member shares.

“The belief that multi-parallel universes or multiverses exist is close to becoming mainstream,” Another adds.

“What?” My head tilts to the side to emphasize my confusion.

“It is true. Multiple worlds exist in the lower layer of the 11th dimension. They are like balloons floating around. Each balloon is a separate universe. They are independent of each other. Each multiverse is tied to the 3rd dimension. The worlds play out the infinite number possibilities for the paths we can take, the decisions we can make are played out in each of the parallel universes. The higher our vibration, the more connected we are to our fragments,” he said.


“Versions of ourselves that live in parallel universes. Fragments can’t directly interfere with our choices. Our fragments can see us and send us messages via dreams, signs, and symbols that help us make decisions for our greatest good or to fulfill our life’s contract or raise our spiritual vibration. Some refer to this as enlightenment. That’s why some people seem to have the best luck, make the right decisions and somehow know things.

“So this doppelgänger, my double I am seeing in my dreams is a version of me?”

“Yes. Like you, some people have connected with their fragments. Most have noticed some of their dreams have come true. Having premonitions is nothing more than the ability to see what happens in the world closest to our own before it has happened in our world.”

Unfortunately, these visions can sometimes be off. Because the parallel world does not match ours exactly, there is always some variance when the event happens in our world. The date is different or a person’s hair color is slightly off or the vision of a train wreck in a region turns out to be a plane crash. The location and number died are the same as in the premonition, but how it happened differs slightly.

“Why are they trying to influence our world? What do they get out of it?”

“It’s not that they are trying to influence our world, they are helping us make decisions that are for our greatest good. Parallel fragments can’t interfere beyond sending messages. In the end, we have free will whether the decision we make improves our situation or makes it worse.”

“That could explain the symbols you saw,” another member offered.

“Right. They could be messages from the parallel universe.” Joe agreed.

“How are they messages if I can’t understand them?” I asked.

“You are going to have to learn to decipher them. They are definite clues for you. It might take months, years, or you may never figure it out. You just need to keep trying until something makes sense to you. Even though your life unfolded differently than your fragment, you both are more alike than not. It is likely that you share the same mannerisms, habits, likes, and dislikes. When you look at the symbols, think what story would you tell with that symbol. At first, it will feel like you are making it up, pulling it out of your ass. Then, with one shift, it will all make sense and you will be able to read the messages like you were reading a children’s book. Just don’t stress over it or you will block it.”

“I hope it doesn’t take years. Why didn’t I see heaven like so many others have reported with their near-death experiences or was the parallel world I saw heaven?”

“No, it wasn’t heaven. The upper layer of the 11th dimension contains ‘heaven’ if I had to put a name to it. Heaven is a layer above where you were. I’m not sure why you didn’t see it. Maybe your fragment’s desire to connect kept you from getting to the other side of the tunnel.”

“What happens in heaven? Do all of the fragments end up there?”

“The enlightened can return to the upper layer of the11th dimension when their mission is completed or their contract fulfilled. This layer consists of ascended masters. They are 11-foot dimensional beings whose mission is to assist us in carrying out our contracts in ways that would not only pay our karmic debts but move us along spiritually. Those whose spiritual vibrations are high enough can choose to stay as interns for the ascended masters. Most return to help others with their spiritual growth. Some elect reincarnation to return to raise the vibration of the mass consciousness which helps raise the vibration of the entire planet. All have the option to retire for lack of a better word.”


“Retirement means picking a parallel universe of your choice, merging all fragments from all dimensions and parallel worlds, and living out your life with no reincarnation. You create your nirvana.”

My head was spinning.

“How do you know all of this?”

“In the last few years, Development groups like this one started meeting at conferences to discuss common threads. There were too many reports of individuals seeing through portals, dimensions, and meeting ascended masters that we just couldn’t ignore it.

“Those that can see the dimensions described a silver thread that runs through each dimension joining them. The thread is hollow and is often referred to as a tunnel. The tunnel is how we travel to the astral plane and how spirits ascend to heaven. Spirits that die suddenly or violently can get stuck in the astral plane. This is where most mediums connect with spirits versus those that have made it to the 11th dimension. That is why the messages received are usually garbled or misunderstood.”

“That makes sense,” I said.

He smiled and continued. “For those that make it to the 11th dimension, their life’s contract is reviewed, their next steps are agreed upon, and they wait to return to try again. Some refer to this as Judgment Day. A person’s life’s contract can go through several iterations before being fulfilled. You are never required to sign a contract you are not willing to fulfill.

You can choose to soften the lessons by spreading out the debt over several lifetimes or you can in a sense, decide to rip off the bandage and finish out your lessons and debts in one lifetime.”

I let his words sink in. I apparently chose to rip off the bandage, to grab  the O’Shit bar and dive right into my contract. My life was never going to be the same. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and accepted my new role.

“I’m ready, I tell Joe. What can I expect to happen next.”

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