Fluff – Author – Writer


My imagination soars!


I’m new to blogging, but not new to writing. I’ve written two books and enjoyed the process. I wrote a fiction and nonfiction book. I’m not saying my books are fluff, but I have a different feeling when writing a blog versus my books. Not that either of my books is superficial, I think that both in their own way have statements in-between the fluff.  When I wrote them, it felt like I was reaching out to the ethers, out to my imagination. When I blog, I go within. How do I feel about something? How I can I convey that? It’s actually a cool feeling. Writing daily prompts has really opened up my imagination and the days where I go within, dig deep and reflect are also the best writing days where thoughts flow freely from the ethers, interrupting my day to stop and write them down. I am loving what blogging has done to my fluff.


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