Panacea – One solution for all?


Your Soul’s Cry for Change

Is there a Panacea for restlessness? There are so many reasons we become restless and it touches so many areas of our lives. We become restless in our relationships, our jobs, our friendships. Is it possible to have one Panacea, one solution?

I have learned after numerous cycles of making drastic changes, switching jobs every five years and changing relationships that chasing the next shiny object, starting over with something or someone new isn’t necessarily the best answer. The excitement is short-lived. When the newness wears off, the feelings stir again, and the cycle repeats. Instead, I realized that making small tweaks along the journey makes all the difference.

For me, the one solution that keeps me from feeling restless or feeling like I am in a rut is to always do something that inspires me. No matter how small. Plant a garden, learn a new language, write a daily word prompt. As long as I am growing, learning and staying inspired, the rest of my life balances out. When my focus changes to nose against the grindstone all work and no play, everything shifts and I start to feel like I am in a perpetual rut, stuck running the hamster wheel of life.

Stay inspired my friends!

2 thoughts on “Panacea – One solution for all?

  1. fortyandeverythingafter

    I couldn’t agree more. I tried the drastic changes and ended up feeling even more unsettled. I have realised that the changes I needed were within me, not the things or people I had around me. That was a liberating realisation and has enabled me to make more constructive small changes as you describe, which is helping fill my life up nicely without all the drama attached.

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