Black Friday for the soul.

Black Friday is approaching. The excitement builds as commercials start feeding deals a few weeks prior. The daily news adds to the frenzy with helpful tips for the big day.  I usually opt out of Black Friday. I know it serves an important purpose. It helps business get out of the red if they have had a bad financial year and it helps consumers get savings for the holidays that seem to approach faster than the speed of light each year.

I find crowds overwhelming and the mass elbows up grab fest makes my brain freeze on what I’m searching for. I like taking my time over the year and when I see something that resonates with me that would be ideal for the person I have in mind, I watch for a sale and then make my purchase. Mostly I try to make the gift as personal as possible which is hard to do during a grab fest. Black Friday for me is a time to reflect on how I can get my soul out of the red and back into the black.

Are there behaviors I aspired to achieve during the year that dropped off? Did I plan to meditate 10 minutes a day and only made time for twice a week? Did I plan to write 10K words a week in my novel and only wrote 1,000? I review my list. Were my goals realistic? If so, are they still my goals? I think about why I got off track. Life comes up, things happen. Had I left these goals a top priority, could I have made shifts in other areas? Maybe not binge watch Stranger Things? How can I get back on track?

Black Friday helps businesses get back on the financial track. Maybe it could also be a set day to be mindful of what matters in your life and an opportunity to reprioritize the things that keep your soul in the black.



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