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Book Review. Watching The Daisies

I was drawn to the book from following Brigid’s blog and couldn’t wait to read it. I entered her contest for a free copy and downloaded the kindle as well. I was a few chapters in when I found out I was the lucky winner. I was surprised at how much our lives parallel and felt like winning the book was a sign. I learned so much from Brigid’s enthusiasm, energy, and fearlessness and will cherish my signed copy.

I had been weighing a decision to travel to Ireland with friends February 2018, and when I got the signed book, I had my answer. The postmark was from Ireland! I knew I was on my way to a new adventure in Ireland. I called my husband and told him the book was confirmation we needed to go. He laughed and agreed.

I wish I had her bravery for solo travel and her adventurous spirit. Her adventures, the friendships gained, and lessons learned along the way were inspiring. Health issues caused a few shifts in her path but didn’t put a dent in her zest for life. She continues to live life to the fullest albeit at a slower pace. Her top ten tips for self-healing are spot on.

I highly recommend this book. It is an enjoyable read with great lessons on healing, being your authentic self, trusting your instincts and living life to the fullest.



Silence is not a prompt to jump in.


Daily Prompt

ear up


Communication is not just about talking or waiting for a silent break so you can jump in and give your two cents. Being a good listener doesn’t always require a response. A knowing nod, or simple comment is often all that is needed. Often times people tend to follow with a similar story of what happened to them. Sometimes people just need to be heard, and coming back with a story of your own may feel like you are relating to them, but it can also feel like you are saying, “you think that is bad, check this out” and in the process dismissing or diminishing what they just shared.

My pups Max and Cooper are always listening. I swear I can be downstairs with the kitchen door closed and they can be upstairs, and they can hear me open the refrigerator or crack open a chip bag. I knew dogs have an excellent sense of smell and hearing, but I didn’t think it was on the level of the Six Million Dollar Man or the Bionic Woman.

Unlike Max and Cooper, I don’t have the greatest hearing and more times than not, I find myself asking someone to repeat themselves. A sense of hearing is my problem child. I have always known that there is more to hearing than taking in the sounds that pass through your ears. The second prong is being a good listener. Over the years I’ve heard people say things such as “lean in” so they know you are interested, “nod” so they know you are on the same page with them, or they ask you to make eye contact. There seemed to be a lot of facets to listening. I put most of those nuggets into practice, and I thought I was a good listener.

I swallowed hard one day when I heard someone make a comment that people listen with the intent of replying and not learning. If ever I was guilty of something, it was listening with the intent of answering. It wasn’t that I felt my response would be earth-shattering or enlightening; it was more that I wanted to mentally prepare my position on what was said so I wouldn’t look like a deer in the headlights if asked. I had an added habit of interrupting because I was afraid of losing my thought if we got too far into the conversation.

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Age-Old Question

Daily Prompt Age

In a recent post, I pondered the age-old question “Why are we here,” I added a quote my teacher had placed on a chalkboard by Richard Bach. “Here is the test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished: if you’re alive, it isn’t.”

I continue to make an effort to live my life to the fullest. To say yes to new experiences and not talk myself out of opportunities because of whatever lame excuse pops into my head. I work from home and find that I go days without leaving my house. Not the best step to living my life to the fullest.

I’m back in school working on my masters. Class started last week and I recognized my weekends would be filled with homework. Between working from home and doing homework, I was in danger of becoming a hermit. 🙂 Continue reading