Grasp – Daily prompt

indecision imageHave you ever failed to grasp an opportunity because you couldn’t make a decision?

I have noticed that opportunities seem to open as soon as I make a decision as to what it is I want.  Staying on the fence seems to keep everything on hold.
In recent years, I discovered the power of moving forward and the impact that

staying indecisive can have on all aspects of your life.  I’m not sure who said this, but I take it to heart each day.  I’d rather make a wrong decision that lose out due to indecision.   Staying indecisive can not only block the opportunity you are weighing, but it can keep you from moving forward in any direction. We have all heard variations of Matthew 7:7.  What we ask for will be given, what we seek, we will find and if we knock, it will be opened.  When we remain undecided on a course of action we are not asking, seeking or knocking.  Instead we are frozen into inaction.  As long as you remain “on the fence” everything is on hold.  This may include opportunities not related to the “big decision”.   Think of it as putting the Universe on hold while you are making up your mind.

Once I made this realization and acted upon it, opportunities came as quickly as the decisions were made, whether large or small.


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