Daily Archives: March 21, 2018

Identical – Daily Prompt

I saw a quote today and remembered a time when I compared myself negatively against a group of pilots.

When I was in the Air Force I worked in a Human Centrifuge and would spin pilots my age (early twenties). I would go home feeling like I handn’t achieved as much as they had. We were the same age and they were officers flying planes and I was an airman still working on my associates degree.  I remember after one evening of beating myself up, my spouse reminded me that I may be the same age, but our paths were not identical. He pointed out that I was working and going to school, where some of the pilots may have had someone help pay for their school and living expenses expediting their path to success.

I thought maybe others may be comparing themselves negatively, so I’m adding the quote below for the daily prompt Identical.

Don’t compare yourself negatively with the giants or anyone else, rather, use them as models. Then get on with whatever it is you can accomplish with your life, and give it everything you have. – Dr. Irene Kassorla