A life-long bachelor visiting married friends.

Here is my story!

The story: A life-long bachelor visiting married friends.

Include the following in your story:

Tick tockfactory * zoology * arrest broadcast * comb  *divorce *flap * harness gaze

The tick-tock of the grandfather clock was calming as I straighten up behind Doug’s college roommate. John would be here a few more days, and I wasn’t sure if I could hold my tongue. He constantly berated Doug but covered it with humor. Doug was so defensive when it came to John, I learned early on if I gave Doug it’s him or me ultimatum I would be on my way to divorce court.

It broke my heart the way Doug always shrank when John was around. John’s zoology career had him traveling the world. His Facebook post had a different beautiful woman hanging off his arm every few days. He invented a harness that would calm animals in transit and made his first million in his mid-twenties. Doug’s career was nothing to sneeze at. He was in upper management at a Nike shoe factory.

I sat John’s briefcase on top of his travel bag, and my thumb stroked the small flap; it popped open. I didn’t want to comb through his belongings, but it’s not like there was a cop standing by to arrest me. I opened the case, and there was a photo of the three of us attached to the inner lid. It was a photo of our wedding. Doug and I were feeding each other cake laughing our heads off, and John was standing off to the side. I’d seen this picture but never noticed his gaze before. John was watching us, and his facial expression made me catch my breath, it was a mix of love, admiration, and pride. It was a broadcast that our life was the life he wanted.

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