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Sit with your heart before you write. 

I learned a valuable technique for writing quite by accident. I invite you to try it. It will take your novel writing to a whole new level.

I am a project manager by day and my first PM job was to work with our IT department to transfer our data over to a new platform. This was my first experience as a PM and I worked under a senior project manager that was very difficult to work with. She would make grown men cry. I kid you not.

I’ll call her Sybil and yes, I am referring to the movie about a woman with multiple personalities. I wasn’t sure if this PM was bi-polar or if she suffered from insecurities or mood swings but she would run hot and cold in the same meeting. She could start off attacking and then switch to supportive or start off supportive and switch to attacking. Every session was like walking on eggshells.

The example I am going to give is the event that set me off on my Netflix binge of watching documentaries of people with mental illness. I needed to understand her and was hoping to glean insights as to how not to take it personally and learn how to communicate with her in a way that wouldn’t trigger an attack. I was operating on the “look what you made me do” principal that I had to have done something to trigger the change.

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I was reminded recently about gratitude and how it can help during times of Restlessness.

Monty-Summer Thanksgiving That’s Summer and Monty in the picture; I love Monty’s face and overwhelming gratitude that he is going to share in our Thanksgiving feast.

My pups get a treat every night at 8:00. They expect it and my pup Cooper knows how to tell time. At 7:59, you get the stare. If you haven’t moved to pick up his Kong by 8:00, he will take his paw and tap your leg, just in case you didn’t know what time it was. He expects it but is still grateful. When you hand him his treat, he bounces to the den like he has just won the Lotto. Every time. Okay, I’m projecting, he probably doesn’t have gratitude but you know what I mean.

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Restlessness-Your Soul’s Cry for Change


Your Soul’s Cry for Change

This is my first blog. Not really sure how it works. I’m hoping that people can respond and write how they feel about restlessness and how they overcome it.  I have the first few chapters drafted. I’m wondering if I’m the only one that goes through periods of restlessness.

Have you ever had a feeling of restlessness that snuck up on you seemingly out of the blue? Even when things were going great in your career and relationship? This feeling happens to me more times than I can count and seems to pop up every five years, give or take a year. For me it is a nagging feeling deep within that tells me something is missing, that there is some empty part of me that needs a refill. In the past, my response would be to roll my eyes and admonish my feelings. Poor you, you have a great job and a loving spouse. I can see why you feel unsatisfied and unfulfilled. Suck it up buttercup. Boot-straps young lady or get over yourself already. There are millions of people that would trade your life in an instant. After being properly berated and my life put back into perspective, I would shake it off and continue business as usual. Unfortunately, business, as usual, doesn’t last long. Like a scene from Fatal Attraction. “I won’t be ignored Dan!,” the feelings shout back.” The sense of uneasiness, while subtle at first, intensifies and my mindset shifts from great happiness and joy to frustration and misery.
Does this happen to anyone else? What do you do to tame the beast?

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Joyce Kostakis