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You are a good egg.

Pup's prayer

Sorry I ate Mom’s crayons.

You are a good Egg. Don’t let anyone make you feel different. Have a great day!


I’m reading Captured Yesterday. He uses that expression. This is a book written by a friend. It is the diary of his grandfather during WWII. Check it out.

Captured Yesterday: The WWII Diary of Tony B. Lumpkin by Tony B Lumpkin https://www.amazon.com/dp/0692892532/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_x_lBY.zbAR4RF2X via @amazon




Portland Rain


It is a cold and rainy day today. A perfect day for a nice bowl of chili that has been simmering on the stove. There are times when a nice slow simmer not only brings out the flavor but enhances the experience as the house feels with the delicious comforting smell. Then there are times when a slow simmer has the opposite affect.

Simmering about something someone has said or done to you can cause things to boil over. A simple misunderstanding can lead hurt feelings and anger that could be quickly dissipated if addressed. At one time or another, we all have made mistakes, said something we wish we could take back, and behaved in a way that we wished we hadn’t.

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German Shepard Mystery


Daily Prompt.

I went to a Halloween party on Sunday and met the most amazing German Shepard. Okay, I met some charming people as well, but I was particularly taken by the host’s three-year-old German Shepard and not just because I’m an animal lover. He was so gentle and kind, his eyes were soft, and he made full eye contact when he requested a petting or invited me to tug on his toy.  It was a soul level request. I asked the owner if he had always been so calm or if he had undergone professional training. I was told he was adopted with no known history. What a mystery I thought. Why would someone give up such a friendly well behaved dog?



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Fluff – Author – Writer


My imagination soars!


I’m new to blogging, but not new to writing. I’ve written two books and enjoyed the process. I wrote a fiction and nonfiction book. I’m not saying my books are fluff, but I have a different feeling when writing a blog versus my books. Not that either of my books is superficial, I think that both in their own way have statements in-between the fluff.  When I wrote them, it felt like I was reaching out to the ethers, out to my imagination. When I blog, I go within. How do I feel about something? How I can I convey that? It’s actually a cool feeling. Writing daily prompts has really opened up my imagination and the days where I go within, dig deep and reflect are also the best writing days where thoughts flow freely from the ethers, interrupting my day to stop and write them down. I am loving what blogging has done to my fluff.


“Always get an orange cat,” the vet said.

Munchkin and Max
I love this daily prompt. It brought back the sweetest memory.

“Always get an Orange cat,” the vet said.

I adopted Tiger from the pound and it was his first exam with our vet. He was my first orange cat, but not my last. We were laughing so hard because every time he tried to listen to Tiger’s heartbeat, Tiger would break out in the loudest purr when he placed his stethoscope on him. “I guess I’m just going to have to trust that his heart is healthy,” he said.

“Orange cats are the friendliest in my experience,” he continues.  He was so right. Tiger was such a loving part of our family. Our hearts still break at this passing and it has been 10 years. If you are at the stage of opening your heart to a new pet, get an orange cat!



Release & No backseat driving!


Max drivingI can relate to the daily prompt topic of release. It was one of my hardest lessons to learn. Not saying I’m a control freak (okay, maybe) but letting others step in and help changed my stress level immensely.

My dog Max and Cooper take turns being Alpha. Sometimes Max calls the shots and sometimes it is Cooper. When it switches, they seem to accept the new role with grace. So how does that translate as a lesson?

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