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You are a good egg.

Pup's prayer

Sorry I ate Mom’s crayons.

You are a good Egg. Don’t let anyone make you feel different. Have a great day!


I’m reading Captured Yesterday. He uses that expression. This is a book written by a friend. It is the diary of his grandfather during WWII. Check it out.

Captured Yesterday: The WWII Diary of Tony B. Lumpkin by Tony B Lumpkin https://www.amazon.com/dp/0692892532/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_x_lBY.zbAR4RF2X via @amazon


Neighbors, What can I say?



Friends that have each other’s backs.


I’ve heard my share of horror stories of bad neighbors. You know the ones, party too loud all hours of the day and night, dog poops on the lawn. Upstairs neighbor sounds like an army marching through the apartment. Of course, there are the neighbors that become your closest friends having each other’s backs throughout the years, even long after you have moved on to a new neighborhood.

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Fluff – Author – Writer


My imagination soars!


I’m new to blogging, but not new to writing. I’ve written two books and enjoyed the process. I wrote a fiction and nonfiction book. I’m not saying my books are fluff, but I have a different feeling when writing a blog versus my books. Not that either of my books is superficial, I think that both in their own way have statements in-between the fluff.  When I wrote them, it felt like I was reaching out to the ethers, out to my imagination. When I blog, I go within. How do I feel about something? How I can I convey that? It’s actually a cool feeling. Writing daily prompts has really opened up my imagination and the days where I go within, dig deep and reflect are also the best writing days where thoughts flow freely from the ethers, interrupting my day to stop and write them down. I am loving what blogging has done to my fluff.


Decisions – Right or wrong, just decide.

Go for it!

Make a decision and go for it!

Today’s daily prompt


Have you ever noticed that opportunities seem to open as soon as you make a decision as to what it is you want?  Some call it manifesting. If you visualize it or say it out loud you are likely to make it a reality. Staying on the fence seems to have the opposite impact. It keeps everything on hold.  Continue reading

Restlessness Journey-Transcending a Mundane Life into an Inspired One.


Your Soul’s Cry for Change

I’m writing a fiction book and wanted to share my journey from being restless to inspired. The book is called Restlessness, Your Soul’s Cry for Change. It chronicles the powerful impact of listening to your soul when it is ready to grow and the subtle changes you can make to tame the beast I call restlessness. I have learned after numerous cycles of making drastic changes, switching jobs every five years and changing relationships that chasing the next shiny object, starting over with something or someone new isn’t necessarily the best answer. At least for me. The excitement is short-lived. When the newness wears off, the feelings stir again, and the cycle repeats. Instead, I realized that making small tweaks along the journey makes all the difference.  Embracing new experiences and making even minor changes can take me from feeling like I am in a perpetual rut, stuck running the hamster wheel of life to being inspired again. Now I can respond to those nagging doubts – should I leave, stay, go, or try something new without hesitation.

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