Honor Yourself

I love the quote in the image below.

I’m sure most of you have heard people use an analogy based on the opening lines of the airlines’ “how to survive a crash” speech. It’s probably going off in your head now. “Put your mask on first and then assist your child or the person next to you acting like a child.”

The “put your mask on first” applies to your daily life as well as when you are “waiting for the oxygen mask to fall.” Just as you are no help to your child if you are passed out because you didn’t get your mask on time, you’re not as helpful to your family if your energy is spent and you are exhausted.
If you can afford it, I highly recommend regular massages. If you can’t, there are so many ways you can pamper yourself. Draw a nice lavender bath, take a walk in the woods, listen to a guided meditation, go to lunch or dinner with a friend, or just block out time to read a book from your favorite author. My favorite on the weekends is to take a nice long nap! No time for a nap? When I ponder this I ask myself will the world stop spinning if I don’t get x done today? The answer is more than likely a resounding no, the world will not stop spinning.  Off to dreamland I go!