Streaming James is the sequel to Walk-In Investigations: Streaming Sarah. It is the second in a planned Streaming Souls Mystery Series.

In the second novel, Streaming James, Katie continues to adjust to her new role as a Psychic Detective and opens Walk-In Investigations to solve cold cases for local police departments. She investigates the murder of James Baxter, a 20-year-old cold case belonging to her father, retired Homicide Detective Jim Hanson.

After a failed suicide, homicide detective Katie Hanson has a rare advantage over most other homicide detectives. She can channel the dead and see through dimensions into a parallel world. As she’s coming to terms with her new skills, she uses them to solve the cold case murder of Sarah Alexander and her two children. Stifled by the limits of her job as a public servant, Katie retires and opens Walk-In Investigations Third-Eye Detective Agency in partnership with her friend Vicki, a psychic.

Still navigating the waters of her evolving skills, Katie takes on the most personal case of her career. A case her detective father, a thirty-year veteran, could never solve before his own retirement. The horrific murder of philanthropist James Baxter. As Katie plunges into the twenty-year-old murder, her excitement turns to frustration. James rejects her attempts to channel, and her father is skeptical about using psychic abilities to solve crimes. Katie also has to come to terms with the losses in her own life that drove her to try to kill herself. To understand why a spirit wouldn’t want his murder solved, she crosses into other dimensions and observes the powerful forces standing in her way. Katie delves deeper and exposes secrets in James’ family and recognizes the powerful bond between the victim and his murderer. Will Katie and her team be able to solve this cold case, or will her profound encounters in the hereafter cause her to let the killer go free?

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