“Always get an orange cat,” the vet said.

Munchkin and Max
I love this daily prompt. It brought back the sweetest memory.

“Always get an Orange cat,” the vet said.

I adopted Tiger from the pound and it was his first exam with our vet. He was my first orange cat, but not my last. We were laughing so hard because every time he tried to listen to Tiger’s heartbeat, Tiger would break out in the loudest purr when he placed his stethoscope on him. “I guess I’m just going to have to trust that his heart is healthy,” he said.

“Orange cats are the friendliest in my experience,” he continues.  He was so right. Tiger was such a loving part of our family. Our hearts still break at this passing and it has been 10 years. If you are at the stage of opening your heart to a new pet, get an orange cat!



7 thoughts on ““Always get an orange cat,” the vet said.

  1. curioussteph

    I’ve had 3 orange cats over the years, and two sets of black and white sibs (my current pair is 19). Just before these two arrived, we had Toto, who transferred to our house from next door, horrified by the 10 lab puppies born the day my beloved Waldo died. Toto, a long haired orange fellow was a delight. Known as the Tangerine Dream, he stayed with us about a year, until one day he didn’t come home from his daily rounds. I recognize his job was to be our “transition cat”, but the heartbreak was no less for his brief tenure. Thanks, Toto!



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