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Traveling Psychic Supper Club Interview

Deborah Antich of the Traveling Psychic Supper Club shares how her psychic development group can help you learn tools to increase your intuition and psychic gifts. I hope you enjoy the interview.


Traveling Psychic Supper Club Interview

Word Prompt Derail

Don’t let not having a gym membership derail getting exercise.

Max is so good about racing around the yard and running around the house with his toys. He loves it; you can see the joy spilling out of him.


Photo by Jim Antich

Don’t let not having a gym membership derail your exercise routine. My pup Max has shifted my thinking on exercise. It’s not just about putting time in at the gym or even just moving; it’s about loving that you are moving. I’m still working on getting more exercise but I’m following Max’s lead, and I pick activities I love. I live across the street from the most beautiful trail and walking it is such a peaceful experience. It combines my pamper “me time” with exercise. I also picked Zumba. I love music, I love dancing, and I love how everyone laughs and has a good time.

Pick something you love so exercise is something you get to do, not something you have to do. You are less likely to make excuses about why you can’t fit it in. I won’t bore you with the health benefits; you have heard all that before.


Welcome to October 27, 2019 and to Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (aka, FOWC). It’s designed to fill the void after WordPress bailed on its daily one-word prompt. I will be posting each day’s word just after midnight Pacific Time (US). Today’s word is “derail.” Write a post using that word. It can be prose, poetry, fiction, […]

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This week my guest is Eloise De Sousa who will be sharing a short excerpt from her latest children’s book, Space Dust, that I reviewed a few weeks ago Before we meet Eloise and discover which questions she has opted to respond to… here is a little bit about her. Finding heroes and villains is […]

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Episode 1 Podcast


Welcome to Walk-In Investigations. It might seem like an odd name for a podcast, but once I give you a bit of history, I think it will make sense. It was the original title of my paranormal streaming souls detective series. The book is being adapted to film, and fingers crossed filming will start in 2020. The production company wanted to change the name to Streaming Sarah. I loved the idea and went with it. Sarah is the first victim Homicide Detective Katie Hanson channels in the series. It also made the naming of the next books in the series a breeze! I just add the name of the next victim and done! Streaming James is the sequel I am currently working on.

A bit of background on the first novel. In 2055 Portland, Oregon, a Homicide Detective Katie Hanson, awakens from a coma with new skills in her crime-solving toolbox. She can connect with the dead and can solve her cold cases by channeling the souls of the murder victims. Who better than the victim to help solve their murder?

The spirit of the murdered victim “walks into the detective’s body” and shares the details of their murder. Hence the name Walk-In Investigations.  In the book, Katie’s best friend Vicky has a psychic development group and teaches Katie how to adjust to her new skills of being a medium.

Much like my fictional character, I’m fortunate to have a dear friend Deborah Antich who, as a Psychic that runs a Psychic Development group in Austin, Texas. During the research of Streaming Sarah, I joined Deborah’s Traveling Psychic Supper Club, and one thing became evident, we all have senses that can be heightened.

As I continue to learn from Deborah, I am filling my fictional character’s physic toolbox with amazing skills. I decided to create a podcast so you could gain insights as to how to develop your own awareness. My books cover life contracts, Akashic Records, remote viewing, empaths, and I’m not sure what else at this stage. I plan to start a podcast that helps people understand the normal in paraNormal. My first, and I hope a frequent guest will be Deborah. She is a clairvoyant channel, reader of Akashic Records, and conductor of alchemy crystal bowls. I have a hyperlink to her Traveling Psychic Supper Club on the contacts page.

In addition to introducing you to Deborah, I plan to interview numerous subject matter experts in the paranormal, Akashic records, remote viewing, and soul retrieval. As I continue to research paranormal events and psychic abilities for my book, I welcome anyone interested in an interview.

Sit with your heart before you write. 

I learned a valuable technique for writing quite by accident. I invite you to try it. It will take your novel writing to a whole new level.

I am a project manager by day and my first PM job was to work with our IT department to transfer our data over to a new platform. This was my first experience as a PM and I worked under a senior project manager that was very difficult to work with. She would make grown men cry. I kid you not.

I’ll call her Sybil and yes, I am referring to the movie about a woman with multiple personalities. I wasn’t sure if this PM was bi-polar or if she suffered from insecurities or mood swings but she would run hot and cold in the same meeting. She could start off attacking and then switch to supportive or start off supportive and switch to attacking. Every session was like walking on eggshells.

The example I am going to give is the event that set me off on my Netflix binge of watching documentaries of people with mental illness. I needed to understand her and was hoping to glean insights as to how not to take it personally and learn how to communicate with her in a way that wouldn’t trigger an attack. I was operating on the “look what you made me do” principal that I had to have done something to trigger the change.

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