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Faint voices from the corner of my room.

Daily Prompt: Faint

From Streaming Sarah:

As I closed my eyes to sleep, a white light crossed my peripheral vision. My heart quickened. I turned toward the movement and exhaled when I realized it was the headlights of my neighbor’s car creating a beam of light on the far wall. It disappeared as quickly as it appeared. I rested my head back on the pillow hoping for a few  hours of sleep. From the far corner of the room, I heard three male voices singing something that sounded like Happy Birthday. I strained to hear. It was  faint, but it was definitely Happy Birthday. Only it wasn’t my birthday. When I tried to turn my head in the direction of the voices, something or someone slammed my head back into the pillow and held it there. I pushed against the hand with my head trying to turn it in the direction of the voices. I was pinned with such  force the pillow raised around my head. Suddenly, the singing stopped and the pressure against my head lifted. I sat up and curled my legs underneath me, crouched, ready to spring forward and out of the room.

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Enlightened – Multiple Worlds


Short Story – Flash fiction

I sit anxiously waiting for the Psychic Development meeting to start. My world has turned upside down in the past few months after my suicide attempt. The door to the spirt world opened when I crossed over and stayed open. I mean wide open. I was just starting to get used to working with the spirits when one became violent, and I’m not sure how to handle that. I need help deciphering symbols they are leaving behind as well. I have to reach out to other Psychics, hear their stories. I need to know I am not going mad, that I am not alone.

The meeting starts, it is my turn to share. “My name is Katie. I died for several minutes before the paramedics were able to start my heart again. I watched my rescue and hung out with my body at the hospital. I stayed out of my body for almost a week during my coma.”

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